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Not everyone can be home for Christmas and New Year's. If you have to be away this holiday season, then today's WordMaster is dedicated to you.
MISS / HOMESICK   寂しく思う / ホームシック

To miss someone or something is to feel regret because that person is not with you or because that thing is not present.

To be homesick is to be sad because you miss your home (for example, family, friends, house, etc.) while away.

miss someoneは、ある人がそばにいないので寂しく思うという意味です。miss somethingというように物にも使えます。


1. I always miss my family the most during the holiday season. I wish it wasn't so expensive to
   fly home for Christmas.

2. a: Are you going to miss me?
   b: Of course I am. I don't want you to go.

3. Ever since we left Niigata and moved to Okinawa, Akihiro really misses the snow in winter.

4. My job is fine, but I miss being a student. College was such a good time.

5. a: What's wrong Alice?
   b: I'm just homesick. This music reminded me of my friends back home.

6. I've only been away for a week and already I'm homesick for Japan.
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