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電子レンジ vs. レンジ、コンロ

The piece of equipment in a kitchen that is used for baking is called an oven. When an oven cooks food using microwaves, we call it a microwave oven or just a microwave.

The large, box-like piece of equipment in some (especially American) kitchens that includes an oven as well as gas or electric burners (rings) on top is called a range or stove. The words range and stove can also be used to talk about the piece of equipment with burners only, even when these are not attached to an oven (as in many Japanese homes).

(Be careful: The English word range can NOT be used to mean "microwave oven", like in the Japanese word電子レンジ.)

パンやケーキなどを焼くときに使う調理器具のことをovenといいます。マイクロ波を使って調理するovenのことをmicrowave oven(電子レンジ)または、単にmicrowaveと言います。


注意: 電子レンジのことを、英語でrangeと呼ぶことはありません。

1.I'd better put the turkey in the oven soon, or it won't be ready by the time the guests arrive.
2.Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees, pour the cake batter into a greased pan, and bake for 35 minutes.
3.Microwave ovens are convenient for reheating leftovers.
4.You shouldn't use a microwave to bake cookies. Use a conventional oven
5.Can you help me move the range? I want to sweep behind it.
6.Take the soup off the range and bring it here. I'll pour it into the serving bowl.
7.a:I prefer a gas stove to an electric one. It's easier to control the heat for baking and frying.
b:But electric stoves are much safer.
8.Although I can boil, fry, and steam on my stove, I'd like to buy an oven so that I can bake too.
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