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The weekend is just around the corner, and Golden Week will be here in just a few days. The days are getting warmer, flowers are blossoming, and people are feeling the energy of the season. We love sharing these days with you!
HEATER vs. STOVE    ヒーター vs. ストーブ

Most modern pieces of equipment for warming up rooms are called heaters.

The word stove is used to talk about some older-style equipment for heating rooms (for example, a wood-burning stove or a coal-burning stove).


古い型の暖房器具でstoveと呼ぶものもあります。 例:a wood-burning stove(薪ストーブ)、a coal-burning stove(石炭ストーブ)

1.Can you turn up the heater? I'm a little cold.
2.a:Do you sleep with the heater on?
b:No, I'm warm enough under the blankets.
3.We used to heat our living room with an old kerosene stove. It smelled terrible.
Be happy this weekend!


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