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Another week is coming to a close. We feel lucky to have spent it with you. We've had some fun, learned many new things, and shared your good company. We couldn't ask for more! 
INSTEAD [OF]   [〜の]代わりに

To do one thing instead of a second thing means that you do the first thing RATHER THAN the second thing. Instead of is followed by a noun or the "-ing" form of a verb.

When it is clear what the second thing is, we can simply say that a person does the first thing instead.

instead of は、〜の代わりにという意味です。instead of の次には、名詞か動詞の -ing 形がきます。

状況がはっきりしているときには、of 以下は省略して、単に instead と言うことができます。
1.Why don't you wear your red dress instead of that ugly gray one?
2.You should walk or take your bicycle once in a while instead of driving everywhere.
3.(in a restaurant)
a:A piece of pumpkin pie, please.
b:I'm sorry, we're out of pumpkin. Would you like apple or cherry instead?
4.Miss Thompson is sick today, so Mr. Williams will be teaching the class instead.
See you on the other side of the weekend!

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