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Greetings and a warm welcome to you! Take off your coat and make yourself comfortable. (Oops! Maybe we should have saved that last sentence for today's examples!)
COAT   コート

A coat is a piece of clothing with sleeves that you wear over other clothes, especially to keep warm when outside.

A raincoat is a coat you wear to keep dry when it's raining.

An overcoat is a LONG, warm coat usually worn in winter.

(Be careful: In English we do NOT use the word "over" like the Japanese オーバー to mean overcoat.)

coat は外出の際、特に防寒のために通常の服の上に着る袖つきの衣類です。

raincoat は雨のとき、服がぬれないようにするために着るコートです。

overcoat は普通冬に着る、丈が長くて暖かいコートをさします。

注意:日本語では overcoat のことを「オーバー」と呼びますが、単に overと言っただけでは overcoat の意味にはなりません。
1.Put on your coat if you're going outside.
2.Be sure to take a warm coat with you to Sapporo. It's still pretty cold this time of year.
3.It's polite to take off your coat when you sit down to eat.
4.If my husband was rich, I'd ask him for a fur coat.
5.Where I come from, people wear raincoats instead of using umbrellas.
6.I need a nice overcoat to wear to the office in winter. All the coats I have now are too short to wear over a business suit.
If winter is still hanging around your part of the country, don't forget to dress warm and stay dry!

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