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CAN('T) AFFORD   〜する金銭的余裕がある(ない)

When you can afford something, you can pay for it without much trouble.

(Be careful: When afford is followed by a verb, use the "to do" form, NOT the "-ing" form. For example, you say, "We can't afford TO EAT out tonight," NOT "We can't afford EATING out tonight.")

can afford は、何かのためにお金を払う余裕があるという意味です。

注意: afford の後ろに動詞が来るときは、to 不定詞を使います。-ing 形は使いません。例えば We can't afford TO EAT out tonight.(今晩は、外食するお金がない)のように言いますが、We can't afford EATING out tonight. は間違いです。
1.I can't afford a new car.
2.(a man points at a diamond bracelet in a shop window)
a:Happy anniversary, dear!
b:Oh, it's beautiful! But can we afford it?
3.With three kids in college, we can't afford to go away this summer.
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