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For Life

Thanks for joining us again! After writing this edition, we realized that Friday and today's WordMaster are an unfortunate match. We hope you NEVER have to use this word on this of all days, when the real fun should begin.

Today's Lesson


  • Overtime is time spent working at the office outside regular working hours and for which employees often receive extra pay.
  • overtime は、所定の就業時間外に働くこと、つまり残業のことです。残業代が支払われることが多いです。



  1. Do you get paid for overtime?
  2. I hope my new supervisor doesn't expect me to work a lot of overtime.
  3. I've had to work overtime every day this week. It's our busiest time of year.
  4. New employees often put in a lot of overtime until they get used to their jobs.

Leave work at a reasonable time today - enjoy the weekend!!