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Hi! Berlitz WordMaster is on the road again, taking you one step closer to where you want to be. Today's WordMaster is a powerful symbol of the freedom of the open road. Think "Easy Rider" and you'll understand what we mean!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English


  • A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle with a powerful engine.

    Be careful [1] :
    The word "bike" is usually used to mean "bicycle". Although, like the Japanese バイク, "bike" can also mean motorcycle , if you use the word motorcycle instead there will be less chance of confusion.

    Be careful
    [2] :
    It's more common to say "RIDE a motorcycle " than "DRIVE a motorcycle ".

    Also see the 18 December 2001 WordMaster, "RIDE vs. DRIVE vs. FLY vs. SAIL"
  • motorcycle  は、強力なエンジンがついた二輪車、つまりオートバイのことです。

    英語の "bike" という言葉は、普通、"bicycle"(自転車)の意味で使われます。けれども、日本語でバイクと言うと、オートバイの意味になるのと同様、英語でも "bike" を motorcycle  の意味で使うことがあります。意味をはっきりさせたいときには "bike" ではなく、 motorcycle  を使いましょう。

    "DRIVE a motorcycle " より、"RIDE a motorcycle " と言う方が一般的です。

    2001/12/1 の WordMaster "RIDE vs. DRIVE vs. FLY vs. SAIL" 参照


  1. Someday I'm going to tour the United States on a motorcycle .
  2. I take my motorcycle to work when the weather is good.

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