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For Life

We're happy to see you again. Today we continue to consider the dangers we face in life, by looking at perhaps the most fearful of all natural disasters.

Today's Lesson


  • An earthquake is a sudden, violent movement of the earth's surface. Large earthquakes can cause much damage and loss of life.
  • earthquake は、地球の表面が突然激しく揺れ動く現象、つまり地震のことです。地震の規模が大きいと、大きな被害や死者が出ることもあります。


  1. (news report)
    A powerful earthquake struck northern Japan this morning, with widespread damage being reported.
  2. We had our first earthquake drill at school today. We were supposed to get under our desks, but some of the students just ran outside in panic.
  3. Tokyo is hit by a major earthquake about once every 70 years.

May there always be steady ground beneath your feet!