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Hello! Today we look at some of the countless ways people have thought of to shape, style, and sculpt their hair. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
PONYTAIL / BRAID / PIGTAIL   ポニーテール/三つ編み/おさげ髪


  • Here are three common ways that girls and women arrange their hair by gathering and tying it up:

    Ponytail - Gather hair and tie it at the back of the head so that it hangs loosely, like a horse's tail.

    Braid - Gather hair, divide it into three parts, and twist each part over the other to make a rope-like pattern. Braid is both a noun and a verb.

    Pigtails - Gather hair at both sides of head and either tie it, so that it hangs loosely, or braid.
  • 女性が髪の毛をまとめて結ぶ方法として、次の3つが代表的なものです。

    ponytail - 髪をまとめて後ろで結んで下げる髪型で、丁度馬のしっぽのように見えます。

    braid - 髪をまとめて、それを3つに分けて互いに絡ませ合いながら、編み上げる髪型です。braid は、動詞にも名詞にもなります。

    pigtails - 髪を両端に分けて、それぞれを結んで下げるか、三つ編みにした髪型です。


  1. The cheerleaders were jumping up and down - their ponytails flying - shouting encouragement to the team.
  2. (a frustrated father)
    I've tried many times to braid my daughter's hair for her, but it never looks like when her mother does it.
  3. (a middle-aged woman)
    When I was a girl, I used to wear my hair in pigtails.

That ends our pony-TALE for today. 
(By the way, if you ever get tired of the bad jokes, feel free to skip this part!)