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Today and tomorrow we're going to look at another illness that makes winter miserable for its victims. Hopefully it won't be paying you a visit anytime soon. 

Today's Lesson
(THE) FLU / INFLUENZA   インフルエンザ


  • Flu is a disease like a very bad cold. Symptoms include fever, muscle and chest pain, weakness, coughing, and headache.

    The word flu is short for influenza. The disease is often called THE flu, especially in certain expressions, such as "get the flu" and "have the flu".
  • flu は、ひどい風邪のような病気で、発熱、筋肉痛、胸痛、衰弱、せき、頭痛、などの症状が出ます。

    flu は、influenza の略です。次のような表現の時には特に the をつけて the flu と言われることが多いです。例:get the flu (インフルエンザにかかる)、have the flu (インフルエンザにかかっている)


  1. Many elderly people die from flu every year.   
  2. Influenza can spread very rapidly in schools and office buildings.
  3. You can get the flu if someone around you coughs or sneezes.
  4. I must have the flu. I feel too miserable for this to be just a cold.

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