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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
VIDEO ARCADE   ゲームセンター


  • A video arcade is a place where people come to play video games. The games are usually in large box-like machines. You put coins into a machine to play.

    Be careful:
    We don't normally use the expression "game center" like the Japanese ゲームセンター to mean video arcade.
  • video arcade は、ビデオゲームをしに行く場所です。普通、大きい箱型のゲーム機が置かれています。プレーするときにはゲーム機にコインを入れます。

    英語の game center という表現は、日本語の「ゲームセンター」の意味では普通、使われません。


  1. (mother to her teenage daughter)
    a: Where have you been? It's almost midnight!
    b: We were at the video arcade playing "Clone Warriors".
  2. A lot of the parents in the neighborhood aren't very happy about the new video arcade opening near the station.
  3. Everyone wants to try the new game they've just put in at the video arcade.

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