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Earth-Friendly Idea #2: When giving a gift to someone in your family, wrap it in fabric (such as cotton) and tie it up with ribbon. Then, after the gift has been opened, save the wrapping for the next gift you give. It's better than throwing away all that wrapping paper, don't you think?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
RECYCLE   再利用(リサイクル)する、リサイクルできるように分別する


  • To recycle something such as glass, metal, or plastic is to use it again, especially as raw material. It can also mean to make something available for recycling (for example, by putting it in a special bin) instead of throwing it away.

    Something that can be recycled is recyclable.

    Be careful:
    "Recycle shop"(リサイクルショップ)is Japanese-English. In English, this kind of store can be called a "second hand store" or a "used clothing store", "used furniture store", etc.
  • recycle は、ガラス、金属、プラスチックなどの素材を再び使う、つまり、再利用する、という意味です。また、何かをリサイクルできるように、分別したり特別の回収場所に出したりする、という意味もあります。

    recyclable は、再利用が可能な、という意味です。

    recycle shop(リサイクルショップ)は、和製英語です。中古品を扱う店のことを英語では second hand storeと言います。具体的には、古着屋なら used clothing store 、中古家具を扱う店なら used furniture store と言います。


  1. (to a man about to throw a magazine into the trash)
    You shouldn't throw that away. Recycle it!
  2. Separate bins for paper, cans, and bottles at train stations make it easy to recycle.
  3. Toilet paper and tissue made from recycled paper often cost more than the ordinary stuff.
  4. (a label on a bottle of liquid soap) 
    This bottle is made from 30% recycled plastic.
  5. (a statement in company advertising)
    Our company promises to use only recyclable materials in all of its packaging.

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