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For Life

Earth-Friendly Idea #7: Many people in Japan have begun to buy organic food for health reasons, and that's a good thing. But by buying organic you are also supporting environmentally friendly farming. The chemicals used in ordinary farming can do tremendous harm to soil, rivers, and wildlife. So buy organic for your health AND the health of the planet.

Today's Lesson


  • The habitat of a wild animal is the place in which it usually lives.
  • habitat  は、野生の動物がすんでいる場所、つまり、生息地という意味です。


  1. I like to see wildlife in their natural habitat, not in zoos.
  2. a: What kind of habitat do lions prefer?
    b: They like grassland. Tall grass makes it easy to hide when hunting.
  3. (a park ranger)
    Bears are coming into the campsites more often because so much of their natural habitat has been destroyed.
  4. habitat loss is one of the most serious threats to Japan's wildlife.

Take care!