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Earth-Friendly Idea #9: In many homes, the refrigerator - which is on 24 hours a day - is the source of as much as 15-20% of energy use. You can save a significant amount of this energy by doing the following: Vacuum the condenser coils (metal coils behind or underneath the refrigerator) a few times a year (Be sure to unplug your refrigerator first!). Then set the refrigerator temperature at 3 degrees and the freezer at -16 degrees.

Today's Lesson
EXTINCT / ENDANGERED   絶滅した/絶滅の恐れのある


  • An extinct species is one that no longer exists. Go extinct means become extinct.

    A species is endangered if there is a high chance that it will go extinct in the near future.
  • an extinct  species は、もう存在しない種、つまり絶滅した種、という意味です。go extinct で、絶滅する、という意味になります。

    ある種が、近い将来絶滅する可能性が高い場合、endangered という言葉を使います。


  1. Dinosaurs are extinct. They've been extinct for millions of years.
  2. Once an animal goes extinct, it can never return.
  3. There used to be a wolf species living in Hokkaido, but it went extinct in the 1890s.
  4. The panda bear is an endangered species found only in China. There are fewer than 1000 still living in the wild.
  5. In most countries it is illegal to kill endangered species or destroy their habitat.
  6. The government is trying to protect endangered species with stronger new laws and public education.

We've enjoyed these two weeks with you, and we hope we've given you some ideas you can use. Take care - of yourself and our precious planet!