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Nice to see you again! Other than simply breaking them, there are two ways we commonly damage glasses. We look at these "accidents" today and tomorrow. Here's the first!

Today's Lesson
SCRATCH   ひっかく、かき傷


  • To scratch an object (such as a lens) is to damage its surface by moving a sharp or rough object across it.

    The damage done by scratching an object is called a scratch.
  • scratch  は、何か(例えばレンズ)に、とがった物やざらざらした物をこすりつけることによって傷をつける、つまり、ひっかく、という意味です。

    ひっかいてできた傷のことを scratch  といいます。


  1. Don't use that rough tissue to clean your glasses. You'll scratch the lenses.
  2. (to someone handling a CD carelessly)
    Be careful! You'll scratch it.
  3. a: I don't believe it! Look at this! Somebody scratched  the paint on my new car!
    b: Don't worry. The scratch doesn't look very deep. You can probably fix it yourself.

Watch out for tomorrow's WordMaster - it'll be here before you know it!