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Welcome back! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend a few minutes with us at WordMaster@Work! Are you ready to practice your skills in Business English? Let's talk about your job...

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Useful Expressions


  • Instead of saying, "I work in an office" or, "I'm an office worker," it's often helpful and useful to be more precise. For example, if you work in the sales department of a company, you can say, I work in sales or, I'm in sales. If you're in the marketing department, you can say, I work in marketing, etc. You can also refer to your company name or, at least, the type of company or organization you work for.
  • 仕事について聞かれたとき、"I work in an office." や "I'm an office worker." という答えでは漠然とし過ぎています。もう少し詳しく、例えば営業部にいるなら、I work in sales.  または I'm in sales.、マーケティングなら、I work in marketing. などと言えばいいでしょう。会社名や、少なくともどんな種類の会社や組織に属しているかぐらいは言いましょう。


  1. Mr. Tanaka has worked in sales at Megacorp for over ten years.
  2. a: What kind of work do you do?
    b: I work in customer service at XYZ Bank. And you? 
    a: I'm in international sales at Megacorp.
  3. I've been working in corporate marketing at Megacorp since 1998.
  4. a: Susan, do you still work in accounting at Computer Soft?
    b: No, I quit Computer Soft last month. Now I work in finance at Berlitz Bank.
  5. Tom has been working in graphic design since he graduated from art school.

Now it's your turn! What do you do? What field or industry do you work in? Thanks for being with us today. See you tomorrow!