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Getting a job is a complicated process these days. There's the application form, the CV, the interview, and sometimes there's even an aptitude test.

Today's Lesson


  • This is a test designed to examine your suitability for a particular job. To say that a person has an aptitude for a job or task means that the task will suit their talents, and that they will probably learn how to perform the job very quickly.
  • 特定の仕事に向いているかどうかを試すためのテスト、つまり、適性検査のことを  aptitude test  といいます。仕事において aptitude (適性)がある、と言う場合、仕事上その人の才能を発揮することができるという意味です。aptitude  があれば、その仕事に早く慣れることができるでしょう。


  1. His test scores indicate that he has a strong aptitude for sales.
  2. The interview was OK, but the aptitude test was very difficult.
  3. a: So Jim, why do you want to work here?
    b: Because I think I have a strong aptitude for this kind of work.
  4. a: Why does you firm set an aptitude test?
    b: Because we want to make sure that we recruit the best people and give them jobs that they have a strong aptitude for.

Have you ever had to take an aptitude test? What information do you think the test was trying to discover about you?