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As business practices change over time, new words are created to describe these new business trends. One of these new words is  McJob.

Today's Lesson
McJOB   低賃金の仕事


  • The term McJob usually refers to a job in the service industry (for example at a restaurant, cafe or shop) and generally at a big chain company. The term describes a job with a low salary and very few opportunities for promotion.
  • McJob  は、レストラン、喫茶店、その他の店舗など(通常はサービス産業の大規模チェーン店)でする仕事のことです。低賃金で昇進の可能性もほとんどないような仕事です。


  1. Some people claim that the increasing number of McJobs is one of the main reasons that employees feel less and less loyalty to their employers.
  2. (an uncle to his nephew)
    a: Did you have a part-time job in college?
    b: Yeah, but it was just a McJob.
  3. In the UK the service industry is now the country's biggest employer, and so millions of people are employed in McJobs.

Have you ever worked in a  McJob?