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For Life

Greetings! It's great to see you! This week, to show you how much we 'care' about you and all our readers, we're devoting the entire week to that very word. We hope you enjoy the series!

Today's Lesson
CARE (n.)   世話、介護、手入れ


  • Care is the act of giving someone (or something) what it needs to be well (or in good condition).
  • care は、人や物が良い状態になるように、必要なことをしてあげること――つまり、面倒をみること、という意味です。


  1. Medical care in the United States is very expensive. Don't go without insurance.
  2. How to pay for care for the elderly was an important issue in this year's elections.
  3. She spends hundreds of dollars on skin care and hair care products. I wish she were as concerned about the care of her children.
  4. Bonsai trees need a lot of care. Are you sure you wouldn't just rather have some daisies?

See you again tomorrow!