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For Life

Day #4 of our series on the word 'care'. By now you should have begun to understand what an important word this is. Well, here's yet another valuable expression in which it plays the leading role!

Today's Lesson
WITH CARE   気をつけて


  • To do something with care is to do it with much attention in order to avoid causing harm, mistakes, or other negative results.

    (See the 7 June 2001 WordMaster, 'CAREFUL[LY]'.)
  • with care は、損害や間違い、その他の良くないことが起こらないように、特に注意して物事を行う、という意味です。

    2001/6/7 の WordMaster 'CAREFUL[LY]' 参照


  1. Be sure to drive with care on that road. It's not very well-lit at night.
  2. Whenever you download something from the Internet, it should be done with great care to protect your computer from viruses.
  3. He packed the antique vase in a box and wrote "Handle with care!" on the top and sides with a bright red marker.

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