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Whether you're someone for whom the place and the people are what make cafes special, or whether you'd just as soon take your java with you to be consumed on the run or in the office, here's a WordMaster you can't do without!

Today's Lesson
FOR HERE / TO GO   店内で(食べる)/持ち帰り


  • When you order something at a restaurant, cafe, etc. to eat or drink there, your order is for here.

    When you order something to take away and eat or drink someplace else, your order is to go.
  • レストランや喫茶店で注文する際に for here と言うと、その店内で食べたり飲んだりする、という意味になります。

    食べ物や飲み物を注文する際に to go と言うと、持ち帰りにして、どこか別のところで食べたり飲んだりする、という意味になります。


  1. CUSTOMER: A tall ice coffee, please.
    COUNTERPERSON: For here or to go?
  2. (ordering at a fast food restaurant)
    CUSTOMER: I'll have the rice burger and some French fries, please.
    COUNTERPERSON: Is that for here?
    CUSTOMER: No, it's to go.
  3. I'll have a small cup of tea with lemon and a raisin scone to go, please.
  4. A supersize cherry cola, please. And make that to go.

英会話レッスンMake ours to go, too. Bye!