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For Life
2005.09.22(Review of 2002.10.09 edition)

Greetings! It's hard to believe, but already our time with you this week is about to end. Here's a parting gift for you!

Today's Lesson
ELDERLY   年配の、お年寄りの


  • Elderly is a polite, more respectful word for talking about people who are old.
  • elderly は、高齢者について話すとき、丁寧に、尊敬をこめて言う言葉です。


  1. There's an elderly professor at my university who's been teaching for over 50 years. His lectures are brilliant!
  2. I saw an elderly couple at the restaurant celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with their family!
  3. I met an elderly woman on the bus today. She had some very interesting stories about her life in Yokohama during the 1930s.

英会話レッスンAnd now it's time to begin another long weekend! Live it well!