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2005.11.08(Review of 2001.03.13 edition)

Welcome back to another critically acclaimed edition of Berlitz WordMaster! Who are those enthusiastic critics, you ask? Why, the only ones who count, of course - readers just like you!

Today's Lesson
FIND vs. FIND OUT   見つける vs. 知る


  • To find something is to discover it.*

    To find out something is to learn of it; for example, by hearing about it, reading about it, etc.

    Be careful! We do NOT use find out to talk about finding a physical object; for example, we do NOT say, “I found out a 500-yen coin on the street.”

    * See the 7 November 2005 WordMaster, “FIND vs. LOOK FOR”.
  • find は、何かを見つける、という意味です。

    find out は、聞いたり読んだりして、そのことについて知る、という意味です。

    注意:find out は、物を見つける、というときには使いません。例えば、「道で500円玉を見つけた」というときに find out は使いません。こういう場合には、find を使います。

    * 2005/11/7 の WordMaster “FIND vs. LOOK FOR” 参照


  1. I've looked everywhere, but I can't find my keys.
  2. You can probably find the information you need on the Internet.
  3. a: When did you find out about Keiko and Tom's engagement?
    b: They just told me this morning.
  4. Dad is going to be so upset when he finds out that you crashed the car.

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