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2005.01.31(Review of 2003.10.03 edition)

Well, you've seen the announcements, and now it begins - WordMaster has come of age! This year, WordMaster turns five years old, and with over 1000 “WordMaster For Life” editions and nearly 400 “WordMaster@Work” editions in our archives, it's time to make review of this important body of work a regular part of the WordMaster curriculum.

Of course, we'll continue to send you brand new editions to keep your vocabulary growing, but you'll also receive regular review editions to help you “master” that vital set of words and expressions we've already introduced.

We're excited about this new phase in the WordMaster project, and we hope you are too! So let's get started!!

Today's Lesson
PROCEEDS   売上高、収益


  • Proceeds are the amount of money obtained from a sale, event, or other activity.
  • proceeds は、販売や催事などによって得た収入のことです。


  1. The proceeds from this year's Charity Concert were well over $10,000.
  2. We've decided to use 25 million yen of the proceeds for facilities improvement.
  3. Any employee who comes up with an original idea that leads to a successful new product is entitled to a share of the proceeds from its sale.

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