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2005.08.04(Review of 2004.04.27 edition)


How many companies do you own a piece of? It's easy to forget, but if you have stock in a corporation, you too are part owner. Remember that, the next time your self-esteem is running low!

Today's Lesson


  • A shareholder is someone who owns stock in a company.
  • shareholder とは、ある企業の株を持っている投資家、株主のことです。


  1. When the stock market drops suddenly, many shareholders start to worry.
  2. A minor shareholder, who only owns a small amount of a company's stock, doesn't have much influence on corporate planning; major shareholders, however, are sometimes directly involved in decision-making.
  3. I heard that Dizzy Knee Animation held their shareholders' meeting at their theme park.
  4. Shareholders of this company have been paid generous dividends since the early '90s.

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