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2005.11.15(Review of 2004.03.05 edition)

Are you someone who wants it all right now, or do you prefer to spread out the fun? If there's an unpleasant task pending, do you get it over with quickly or put it off until tomorrow? Well, when such decisions have to do with finances, here are two words that are sure to come up!

Today's Lesson


  • To pay or receive money in a lump sum is to pay or receive the full amount at one time.

    To pay or receive money in installments is to pay or receive the full amount as two or more smaller payments over a period of time. Each smaller payment is called an installment.
  • pay/receive money in a lump sum は、総額を一度に支払う、あるいは受け取るという意味です。

    pay money in installments は、一定期間内に定期的に少しずつ支払う、という意味です。同様に、receive money in installments というと、一定期間に何回かに分けて支払いを受けるという意味になります。installment とは、一回分の支払い金額のことです。


  1. When I retire, I'm going to receive my pension as a lump sum and use the money to buy a house in Italy.
  2. (a car dealer to a customer)
    Would you prefer to make a lump-sum payment or pay in monthly installments?
  3. Jack won the lottery! $2 million in twenty $100,000 installments!

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