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2005.12.05(Review of 2004.01.08 edition)

Greetings! It's great to be counting down to the holidays with you - 20 days till Christmas, 27 days till New Year's. We've got a week of @Work topics that you're sure to need during this busy time of year!

Today's Lesson
HECTIC   てんてこまいの


  • A place, time, lifestyle, etc. is hectic if it is very busy and things are done in a hurry with little time to relax.
  • 場所や、時間帯、生活について使われる hectic という表現は、非常に忙しくて、ゆっくりする暇もなく、慌ただしく物事が処理されていく様子をさします。


  1. It was another hectic day at the office. I sure hope things quiet down soon.
  2. Things have really been hectic at the factory lately. We've been short-staffed since October.
  3. How do you find time to exercise with your hectic schedule?
  4. I've had enough of this hectic life. Let's move to the country.

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