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For Life

There are many other names for today's WordMaster - fib, falsehood, untruth - but we think simple is best!

Today's Lesson
LIE   嘘をつく、嘘


  • To lie is to purposely tell someone something that isn't true.

    A lie is a statement of this kind.
  • lie とは、真実でない何かを誰かに意図的に伝える、という意味です。

    名詞の lie はこのような種類の申し立て、つまり、嘘のことです。


  1. a: I was working late.
    b: Don't lie to me. I called your office, and you weren't there.
  2. She lied about her age to get into the club.
  3. (a pop star)
    Don't believe what you read in the fan magazines. Everything they've written about me is a lie.
  4. Have you ever told a lie in order not to hurt someone's feelings?

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