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For Life

There aren't many conversations in which this little word isn't used at least once. Really!

Today's Lesson
REALLY   実に、本当に


  • Really can be used when you want to say what is actually true about something.
  • really は、何かについて本当に真実だ、と言いたいときに使うことができます。


  1. a: Are you sure you won't have something to eat?
    b: Yes, thank you. I'm really not hungry.
  2. I can't believe I'm really in Paris. This is so exciting!
  3. I'm sorry I lied. I'm really not a movie producer.
  4. a: You don't really like my haircut, do you? You're just saying that to be nice.
    b: No, really, I think it looks great.

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