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For Life
2006.03.13(Review of 2002.05.24 edition)

Greetings! It's great to be back here with you again!

Just as the weather outside changes from day to day, so too does the way we feel inside. One day we feel as if the world is all clouds and gray, and the next day we're filled with sunshine. This week is all about feelings, and there's no forecasting where we will end up!

Today's Lesson
MOOD   きげん


  • Your mood is how you feel at a particular time. For example, if you are happy and pleasant, then you are “in a good mood”. If you are sad or upset, then you are “in a bad mood”.
  • mood は、ある時点における人の感情のことです。たとえば、相手がうれしかったり、機嫌がよかったりするときには、You are in a good mood. と言います。悲しかったり、怒ったり、いらいらしたりしている場合は、You are in a bad mood. と言います。


  1. You're in a good mood today. Did you hear some good news?
  2. (two employees at the office)
    a: I'm going to ask Mr. Peterson for that new computer today.
    b: Oh, I wouldn't ask him today. Wait until he's in a better mood.
  3. As soon as I mentioned her old boyfriend, her mood changed and she became very quiet.
  4. His headache put him in a terrible mood.

英会話レッスンHave a terrific day and come back tomorrow in a great mood, okay?