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For Life
2006.03.23(Review of 2001.03.21 edition)


The warmer days and the beauty of the blossoms invite us all to head for the countryside. So we thought that, while we're celebrating spring, it might also be nice to celebrate “springs”!

Today's Lesson
(HOT) SPRING   (温)泉


  • A spring is a place where water runs out from under the ground.

    If the water comes out warm or hot, we call the spring a hot spring.
  • spring とは、地中から水が湧き出している所、つまり、泉のことです。

    その水が温かい、または熱い場合(つまり、温泉である場合)は hot spring と呼びます。


  1. Many people prefer to buy bottled spring water rather than drink water from the tap.
  2. Beppu is famous for its hot springs.
  3. My daughter took me to a hot spring resort to celebrate my retirement.
  4. The inn we stayed at had two big hot spring baths: one indoor and one outdoor bath.

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