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For Life
2006.07.04(Review of 2000.09.22 edition)

Greetings, and congratulations to our American friends, who today celebrate their Independence Day - the Fourth of July!

And now, we continue with Part 2 of our ever series!

Today's Lesson
(Have you) EVER ...?   〜したことがありますか


  • When ASKING questions in the present perfect tense, we often use the word ever to mean “at any time”; for example, “Have you ever taken a cruise?”

    We normally do NOT use ever when ANSWERING such questions. Instead, use the verb by itself or - when the answer is “no” - together with “never”.
  • 現在完了形の疑問文で、「今までに」という意味を表す場合、よく ever が使われます。例えば「今までにクルーズをしたことがありますか」などです。

    ever がついた質問に答える際には、ever は使いません。答える際には動詞に何もつけないか、否定文のときは never を使います。


  1. a: Have your parents ever been abroad?
    b: Yes. They've been to Europe and China.
  2. a: Have you ever tried snowboarding?
    b: No, I haven't. I've never even skied before.
  3. a: Has Janet ever seen kabuki or sumo?
    b: She's seen sumo, but she's never seen kabuki.

英会話レッスンWe wish you a day filled with fun and fireworks!