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For Life
2006.07.06(Review of 2001.07.12 edition)

We saved a seat for you! And you're just in time, because the curtain is being raised on today's feature presentation - “Over: The Sequel!” Enjoy the show!

Today's Lesson
OVER (= during)   〜の間ずっと


  • Over can be used to mean “during”.
  • over には、〜の間ずっと、という意味があります。


  1. a: What are you doing over the weekend?
    b: I'm playing golf on Saturday, and I'll probably just stay home and relax on Sunday.
  2. Your English has really improved over the last few months!
  3. My son Nathan is going to backpack across Europe over the summer. He plans to visit 15 countries in 90 days!

英会話レッスンWow! Talk about an action-packed ending!