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Our approach here at Berlitz WordMaster has always been “one word at a time”. Here's a word that complements that approach nicely!

Today's Lesson
PATIENT   我慢強い、辛抱強い


  • Someone is patient if they are able to wait for long periods of time or able to accept unpleasant conditions without becoming angry or upset.
  • patient とは、例えば、長い時間何かを待つことができる、あるいは、怒ったりいらいらしたりすることなく、不愉快な状況を受けいれられる、という意味です。


  1. She's a wonderful teacher - very patient and very kind.
  2. a: What was your father like?
    b: He was a patient man. I don't remember him ever getting angry at me or my brothers.
  3. (in a car on a long journey)
    CHILD: How much longer, Mom?
    MOTHER: Just be patient. We'll be there soon.
  4. He's very patient with his employees - a real pleasure to work for.
  5. STUDENT: I feel like I'm not getting any better.
    TEACHER: You need to be more patient. It takes years to learn how to play the violin well.

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