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Welcome to the latest set of that critically acclaimed series, Berlitz WordMaster For Life, read by thousands of people from all walks of life.

This week, we give you four new words to help you describe the people who walk into YOUR life!

Today's Lesson
ACTIVE   活動的な


  • If someone is active, they spend much time working or doing things that require energy, rather than resting or relaxing.

    An active life, day, etc. is one that is filled with activity, especially physical activity.
  • active とは、休んだり、くつろいだりするよりも、仕事やプライベートでも積極的に行動する、つまり、活動的な、という意味です。

    an active life, day などと使った場合は、特に、肉体的な活動をたくさんする生活や一日、という意味になります。


  1. I like being active; it keeps me healthy and happy.
  2. I hope to stay physically and mentally active after I retire by working as a volunteer.
  3. My husband has had a full, active life. He's never wasted a moment.
  4. With so much beautiful nature and sunshine here, it's easy to have an active lifestyle.
  5. We had a very active day yesterday, so today we're just going to stay home and relax.

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