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We bring you the latest peaceful edition of Berlitz WordMaster for this placid Thursday ...

Today's Lesson
CALM   冷静な、落ち着いた


  • If someone is calm, they do not show or feel strong emotion, such as being nervous or upset.
  • calm とは、緊張や動揺など、強い感情を表に出したり、感じたりしない、という意味です。


  1. (while trapped in an elevator)
    Let's try to stay calm until help comes.
  2. She has always been a calm, quiet child. Nothing like our boy Timmy, who is always screaming about something.
  3. Even though Kate must have been very upset, her voice was calm and steady. She's a strong woman.
  4. With his calm manner and kind spirit, I think he'll make (= be) a wonderful teacher.

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