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2006.05.15(Review of 2004.06.18 edition)

Welcome back! It's no secret that the most successful companies are those that keep coming up with new ideas and new products. This week is dedicated to those special individuals who continue to move their companies and society forward with their creativity and brilliance!

Today's Lesson


  • Research and development or R&D are activities - such as special studies and testing new ideas - that a company does to find ways to improve products or create new ones.
  • Research and Development または R&D とは、―特別な研究や、新案の検証など―製品改良や、新製品開発の方法を求めて企業が行う業務のことです。


  1. We currently have 50 first-rate scientists and engineers working in our research and development labs.
  2. How can we hope to remain competitive if we cut spending on R&D?
  3. Our R&D division has won several important industry awards for its accomplishments in the area of biotechnology. They continue to push the envelope in their field every day.

英会話レッスンNow that you understand R&D, it's time to get some R&R (= rest and relaxation)!