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2006.06.16(Review of 2004.12.06 edition)

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In addition to the meaning we explain below, today's WordMaster has another meaning: to sharpen a knife or other fine-edged tool. Read today's explanation and see if you understand how the two meanings are related!

Today's Lesson
HONE   磨きをかける


  • To hone something - such as a skill or your understanding of a subject - is to make it more nearly perfect or more effective.
  • hone は、技術や、ある対象物に対する理解などを、より完全なものに近づけたり、より効果的なものにしたりする、という意味です。


  1. a: How was the training seminar?
    b: It was great! It really helped me to hone my interviewing skills.
  2. Honing your English language skills is a great way to increase your employment opportunities.
  3. (description of a course at a university)
    In this class, you will hone your understanding of the statistical methods we introduced last semester by looking at more advanced applications.
  4. The world's greatest musicians, dancers, and artists never use the phrase “good enough”. They are always honing their craft, day after day, year after year.

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