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2006.07.24(Review of 2005.05.02 edition)

Welcome back!

With summer in full swing, what could be more welcome than a set of WordMasters about taking time off from work? Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
(PAID/UNPAID) LEAVE   (有給/無給)休暇


  • Leave is a period of time off from work.

    During paid leave you continue to receive a salary or wages.

    During unpaid leave you do NOT receive a salary or wages.
  • leave とは、休暇を取って仕事を休んでいる期間のことです。

    paid leave の間は、給料や賃金をもらい続けることができます。

    unpaid leave の間は、給料や賃金はもらえません。つまり、無給休暇のことです。


  1. I need to take a few days leave. My father is ill.
  2. We'll have to hire a temp to fill in for a couple of weeks while my secretary is on leave.
  3. (to a job applicant)
    If you work full-time five days a week, you'll get 20 days of paid leave every year.
  4. You can request up to ten consecutive days of unpaid leave, but depending on the time of year we may not always be able to grant the leave.

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