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2006.12.06(Review of 2004.08.12 edition)

Are you the type of person who's comfortable schmoozing with anyone and everyone, friend or stranger? Or do you prefer to spend your time at parties conversing with the wallpaper? Well, we devote today's @Work edition to all the shy folk out there!

Today's Lesson
SELF-CONSCIOUS   自意識の強い、人目を気にする


  • To be self-conscious is to be uncomfortable because you are worried about how you appear or how you are thought of by other people.
  • self-conscious とは、他人の目に自分がどう映るか、あるいは、他人にどう思われるかを気にしているせいで落ち着かない、つまり、自意識の強い、という意味です。


  1. I always feel a little self-conscious when I walk into a room filled with strangers.
  2. I was much too self-conscious to wear a bikini when I was a teenager.
  3. (a student of English)
    When I stopped being so self-conscious about my English and stopped worrying about making mistakes all the time, I really began to improve quickly.
  4. The interviewee swallowed self-consciously as the interviewers looked less and less impressed by his answers.

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