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For Life
2007.05.14(Review of 2000.09.28 edition)


If the greatest aspiration of any word is to MEAN something, then the word “get” is a success a hundred times over, because it has not just one, but dozens of different meanings. This week we look at a few of the more important ones. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
GET (a present)   受け取る、買う、取りに行く


  • Get can mean “receive”, “buy”, or “pick up” (as in “pick up a package at the post office”).
  • get には、何かを受け取る、買う、(例えば、郵便局に小包などを)引き取りに行く、などの意味があります。

GET (a present)


  1. a: What did you get for your birthday?
    b: I got a CD and a new watch.
  2. Do you get more phone calls or e-mails?
  3. (in a car)
    We should get some gas. The tank's almost empty.
  4. a: I'm going to get some bread at the supermarket.
    b: You don't have to - I bought some this morning.
  5. Would you mind getting me some clean plates from the kitchen?
  6. a: Where's today's paper?
    b: It's in my room. I'll get it for you.

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