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For Life
2007.05.17(Review of 2000.11.22 edition)

Greetings! How good of you to visit us on this glorious Thursday in May! We hope you're in good health and good spirits!

Today's Lesson
GET (sick)   (病気に)なる


  • Get can mean “become”, as in the expressions “get sick”, “get lost”, and “get popular”.
  • get sick(病気になる)やget lost(道に迷う)、get popular(有名になる)などに使う get は、ある状態になる、という意味です。

GET (sick)


  1. You shouldn't go out in the rain without an umbrella. You'll get sick.
  2. (while hiking)
    We'd better go back to camp before it gets dark.
  3. (while playing tennis)
    I'm getting hungry. Why don't we have lunch after we finish this set?
  4. The customer got very upset when we told him the shipment would be late.

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