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HAVE (someone) CALL   (誰かに)電話をかけさせる


  • To have Mr. Smith call Ms. Jones is to arrange for him to phone her; for example, by telling him to call her, leaving a message for him to call her, etc.
  • have Mr. Smith call Ms. Jones と言うと、SmithさんからJonesさんに電話をかけてもらうようにする、という意味になります。例えば、SmithさんへJonesさんに電話をするように伝えたり、伝言を残したりする場合に使います。

HAVE (someone) CALL


  1. (Mr. Smith's secretary on the phone with Ms. Jones)
    I'm sorry, but Mr. Smith is away from his desk at the moment. Shall I have him call you?
  2. (on the phone)
    a: Carol isn't home yet.
    b: Could you have her call me when she gets back?
  3. (on the phone)
    a: Shall I have her call you?
    b: That's alright. I'll call back later.