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For Life

Orthodox science has made it rather hard for some people to take astrology seriously, but today's WordMaster still has a large and eager following. What's your sign?

Today's Lesson


  • A horoscope is a description of what will happen to someone in the future, based on their date of birth and the position of the planets.
  • horoscope とは、誰かに将来何が起こるかを、生まれた日や惑星の位置に基づいて説明したもの、つまり、星占いのことです。



  1. I never leave the house without first reading my horoscope.
  2. My horoscope says I'll be successful at whatever I do today. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket.
  3. (reading a friend's horoscope in the paper)
    a: According to your horoscope, this is a good day to start a new romance.
    b: That sounds promising!

英会話レッスンMay the planets always be aligned in your favor!