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For Life
2007.09.19(Review of 2003.04.01 edition)

Millions of dollars are spent on special diets, sports club memberships, and training equipment by people who would like to be thinner. And millions more are spent by people who would like to be thicker - on top of their heads, that is!

Today's Lesson
THIN (hair)   (髪が)薄い、薄くなる


  • If hair is thin (adjective), it is not thick or full.

    If someone's hair thins (verb), it gets thinner because the person is losing hair.
  • 髪について形容詞の thin を使うと、(髪が)多くない、十分にない、つまり、髪が薄い、という意味です。

    someone's hair thins と、thin を動詞として使うと、抜け毛が多くなって以前より髪が薄くなる、という意味になります。

THIN (hair)


  1. (to a barber)
    Trim the bangs and sideburns and make it (= my hair) a little thinner on top.
  2. a: My hair is a lot thinner than it used to be.
    b: Of course it is. Everyone's hair thins as they get older.
  3. (a new mother)
    I've noticed that my hair has been thinning since I gave birth to my son.
  4. Do you know a good hair-care product for people with thinning hair?

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