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Today's WordMaster is the opposite of yesterday's “NEAT” edition. But don't let the title fool you - we think you'll find everything to be in order!

Today's Lesson
MESSY   散らかっている、だらしない


  • Something is messy if it is dirty or disorderly (= carelessly arranged) or if it makes things that way.

    Someone is messy if they tend to make things messy.
  • 物について messy と言うと、汚い状態、乱雑な状態、あるいは、そのような状態にする、という意味になります。

    人について messy と言うと、乱雑にしがちな、だらしない、という意味になります。



  1. I don't know how you can stand living in such a messy house.
  2. I appreciate it when my husband cooks. I just wish he didn't leave the kitchen so messy when he's done.
  3. Mom says she doesn't want a dog because they're too messy.
  4. Mary's just 2 years old, so she's still quite a messy eater.

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