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For Life
2007.10.30(Review of 2003.10.31 edition)


Today we bring you a very important word in the Halloween vocabulary. In fact, according to a recent survey, it's the number-one most popular leisure-time activity among ghosts!

Today's Lesson
HAUNT   (幽霊が)出没する


  • If a ghost, spirit, etc. haunts a place or person, it regularly visits that place or appears to that person.
  • haunt とは、幽霊や精霊がある場所を定期的に出没する、または、ある人の前に姿を現す、という意味です。



  1. a: Why does Mrs. Crag keep this door locked all the time?
    b: She thinks that the ghost of her dead uncle haunts the room inside.
  2. a: Let's go for a walk in the woods. It's a warm night, and the moon is out.
    b: No, I'd be too scared. They say those woods are haunted.
  3. For years after the accident, he was haunted by the memory of that day.
  4. (with their kids at an amusement park)
    FATHER: Why don't we take the kids to the haunted house? It'll be fun.
    MOTHER: No, they'll have nightmares.

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