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For Life
2007.11.02(Review of 2002.10.31 edition)

Well, this most frightening of weeks is almost over. (How are your nerves holding up?) We end with a WordMaster edition worth shouting about!

Today's Lesson
SCREAM   悲鳴、悲鳴をあげる


  • A scream (noun) is the very loud, high sound people make when they are frightened, in pain, upset, excited, etc.

    To scream (verb) is to make such a sound.
  • 名詞の scream は、怖がったり、痛みを感じたり、怒ったり、興奮したりしたときに人が発する、とても大きく甲高い声、つまり、悲鳴のことです。

    動詞の scream は、そのような声を上げる、という意味です。



  1. (Jill's mother)
    I heard a scream, so I ran into Jill's room. She had had a nightmare.
  2. The excited screams of children playing at recess could be heard throughout the neighborhood.
  3. When we were trick or treating at Mr. Anderson's house, he came out wearing a Frankenstein mask. He looked pretty spooky! Some of us even screamed when we first saw him.
  4. The passengers screamed wildly as the roller coaster reached the top and then started falling.

英会話レッスンWe'll give you a couple of days to recuperate, but then we'll be looking for you again on Monday. Until then, pleasant dreams!