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It's a source of great satisfaction to see our children score well on school exams. But, of course, that's nothing next to the happiness - and relief - that comes from seeing a child pass another kind of test!

Today's Lesson
(DO A) TEST   検査(をする)


  • A test, such as that done by a doctor, is an examination (= a careful check) of a part of someone's body or of something taken from their body (for example, blood, urine, or skin) in order to learn about their health or condition.

    To do a test on someone is to do an examination of this kind.
  • 医師が行う test とは、ある人の健康状態や、体調を知るために行う、体の一部、または、摂取したもの(血液や尿、皮膚など)の詳細な検査のことです。

    do a test とは、このような検査を行う、という意味です。



  1. (doctor to patient)
    a: The test results are back and everything looks normal.
    b: Oh, thank goodness!
  2. The blood tests show that you are allergic to peanuts as well as house dust.
  3. The doctor found some blood in your urine, so he'd like to do a few more tests. Can you come back next Tuesday?
  4. (woman to her supervisor)
    I'll need to take the afternoon off tomorrow. I have to go to the hospital to have some tests done.

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